Wholesale Women Festival Pullover Knitted Patchwork Sweaters

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Place of Origin: Suzhou, China
Style Number: HRMWS10
Material: Spandex or Custom
Gauge: 12GG or Custom
MOQ: 500pcs/per color
Size: Customized Size
Technics: Computer Knitted
Color: Custom according to the PANTONE
Supply Type: OEM Custom service

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More than 22 years of production experience, providing customized production of more than 300w sweaters for many well-known clothing brands.


Comfortable oversize sweater,the color is red and white,you can choose the color you need to customize according to your choice..The sweater made in Jiangsu,China,the raw material is cotton,pure cotton is the most preferred material,Affordable and comfortable,cotton yarn with moisture absorption,moisture resistance,heat resistance and alkali resistance performance,the advantages of cotton fiber itself is porous,elasticity,so a large number of air can product between cotton fiber,in addition,under 110 ℃,can only cause on cotton moisture evaporation,will not harm the cotton fiber,pure cotton resistance to alkali is also big,cotton fiber in high alkali solution,fiber is not easy to damage,the most important thing is health degree is high,pure cotton is a natural plant fiber,Contact with the skin without any irritation,no negative effects,regular wear is also beneficial to the human body but not harmful,so for children,is the best of the best good choice.The structure of this sweater,neck trim do jersey roll,entire body do full cardigan with stripe,the size is also be customized.The gauge type is 7GG,and the gauge type is also can be customized.

About the washing of this sweater,we make the following suggestions,It is recommended to use normal temperature hand washing,do not use alkaline detergent,neutral detergent is recommended to soak in warm water about 30 degrees for 10 minutes,gentle hand washing,do not scrub or twist,so as to avoid pilling deformation,also do not soak with other clothes to avoid staining,after washing to naturally flat air,not exposure under sunshine.If you have any questions,please feel free to let us know.We are looking forward to receieve your inquiry.



1.Buyer send TechPacks,swatches,original-samples,etc for pricing/sampling.

2.We do samples based on buyer's techpacks,when we finished,we take pictures to buyer and send sample by express to buyer for approval.

3.After buyer review the sample,and confirm place order,then we will arrange book bulk yarn and at the same time,we will arrange sample for approval to do bulk.once PPS approved,our factory will arrange production based on this approved.Each step will be strictly controlled.

4. After bulk finished,we will arrange packing and shippment as required,confirm each order can ship on time.


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