Tips to reduce static electricity in sweaters

When putting on and taking off the sweater, making physical contact with others, or accidentally touching metal objects, it is often suddenly released. You may even see electric sparks in the air. Not only your hands will be injured, but also frequent static electricity and discharge will affect your normal work and life.

Sweaters are prone to static electricity, because our skin, other clothes and sweaters contact and rub against each other, especially when putting on or taking off clothes, static electricity gradually accumulates. When it accumulates to a high degree, it will be released all at once, and discharge will occur.

Eliminate the static electricity that has been generated on the sweater: Before putting on and taking off the sweater, use a metal object to touch the sweater. Or wear a metal brooch to conduct static electricity carried by the sweater.

Avoid wearing sweaters made of chemical fibers, because the friction between chemical fibers and your body is more likely to generate static electricity. Wear leather shoes more than rubber shoes, because rubber materials prevent the conduction of electric charges, leading to the accumulation of electric charges.

Reduce the generation of static electricity on sweaters: buy softener or hair spray and spray them on the sweater to prevent static electricity. Because softener can increase the moisture of sweaters, and hair spray can reduce static electricity. Or use a towel that is properly sprayed with water and dampened with water to wipe the sweater. Wet the sweater slightly to reduce the degree of dryness of the sweater and reduce the generation of static electricity.

Improve the way of washing sweaters: add baking soda, white vinegar or softener when washing sweaters. It can soften clothes, reduce the dryness of materials, and help reduce static electricity.

Increase the humidity of the environment: When the weather is dry, the accumulated electric charge is not easily transferred to the air. You can use a humidifier to increase the humidity in the air, or place a wet towel or a glass of water on the heater to have a similar effect.

Lubricate the skin: Apply moisturizer to areas of skin that are in contact with sweaters or easily absorbed hair and thin paper strips. Not only can the skin be maintained in the dry winter, but even if the lubricated skin is in contact with the sweater material, it is not easy to generate static electricity.

Reduce static electricity in sweaters

Post time: May-07-2021