The difference between a sweater and a sweater

Conceptually the sweater is a kind of knitted sweater. Knitwear is a broader concept. Knitwear can be divided into cotton knitwear and wool knitwear, and sweaters belong to wool knitwear. The knitted sweaters we often refer to generally refer to woven fabrics woven by knitting equipment. The surface is really mountain and wool knitted sweaters in terms of processing methods are not the same, cotton knitted sweaters in the production of cutting and sewing technology. The wool knitted sweater does not. The fabric is knitted through the stitching disc. The sweaters we usually talk about are mainly clothes knitted with woolen yarn, and knitted sweaters are a very professional concept of craftsmanship. Generally, underwear, cotton sportswear, socks, etc. can be regarded as knitting.

Knitwear is often rich in drape and body effect. In recent years, the popular knit cardigan mix and match is very suitable for young girls. Choose a solid color knit sweater with a short dress and candy-colored leggings with Martin boots. Very cute dress, the skirt of the dress should not be too long. In cold weather, it is also a good choice to choose a curled snow boot. This combination is fashionable, fresh, sexy and cute.

The loose and casual feeling of knitted sweaters, as a coat, can best demonstrate the European and American style. If you wear a slim-fitting top, matching denim shorts will add a bit of rashness. Brown stockings and a knitted jacket with a skirt make you look sexy and full of charm. The close-fitting effect of knitwear can make your breasts and hips look fuller, while black stockings just stretch and shrink your leg lines. The charm of women has been highlighted the most. If you wear a knitted coat, you are not too suitable for a heavy knitted snood. Now a small square scarf is tied around the neck, which is fashionable and generous.


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Post time: May-07-2021