Custom Stylish Knitted Girl Pullover Sweaters

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Place of Origin: Suzhou, China
Style Number: HRMGS03
Material: Nylon/Cotton
Gauge: 12GG or Custom
MOQ: 500pcs/per color
Size: Customized Size
Technics: Computer Knitted
Color: Custom according to the PANTONE
Supply Type: OEM Custom service

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More than 22 years of production experience, providing customized production of more than 300w sweaters for many well-known clothing brands.


Normal girls sweater,available for customization,This marterial is cotton and viscose,for this marterial,there are some knowleadge,soft and shiny,viscose as cotton,silk as smooth.Hygroscopicity,air permeability is good,the basic chemical composition of viscose fiber and cotton fiber are the same,therefore,some of its properties and cotton fiber close,the difference is that its hygroscopicity and air permeability than cotton fiber is good,it can be said that it is all chemical fiber hygroscopicity and air permeability of the best one.Dyeing performance is good,because viscose fiber hygroscopicity is strong,so viscose fiber than cotton fiber is easier to color,pure color,gorgeous,chromatography is also the most complete.With super anti-static properties,will not produce the feeling of adhesion on the body,so very smooth,especially suitable for sports wear.Its moisture content is most in line with the physiological requirements of human skin,with good air permeability and humidity control function,known as ""breathing fabric"".This sweater is made in Jiangsu,China,and the color is plain.The color can be made according to your requirements.The organizational structure of this sweater,neck/cuff/bottom are ruffle stitch,entire body 2*2 rib,special details layout do jersey tubular,The gauge is 12GG,the size body height is 90-130 cm,And the gauge type and size can be customized.

Our factory is specialized in wholesale for 22 years,To offer better service to clients,we adjust company structure to establish a stronger sales team.We specialize in sweater manufactrue and keep in good quality,professional make us more outstanding,our mission is give the best product to customers,to provide customers the good price with best quality.

Please feel free to let us know any of your confusion,we are looking forward to receievce your kindly inquiry.

Custom Pullover Sweaters
Custom Sweaters
Custom Stylish Sweaters
Custom Stylish Knitted Sweaters


1.Buyer send TechPacks,swatches,original-samples,etc for pricing/sampling.

2.We do samples based on buyer's techpacks,when we finished,we take pictures to buyer and send sample by express to buyer for approval.

3.After buyer review the sample,and confirm place order,then we will arrange book bulk yarn and at the same time,we will arrange sample for approval to do bulk.once PPS approved,our factory will arrange production based on this approved.Each step will be strictly controlled.

4. After bulk finished,we will arrange packing and shippment as required,confirm each order can ship on time.


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