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Suzhou Industrial Park Haiermei knitting apparel Co., Ltd. is a professional textile and garment production and export enterprises.It was found in 1999;located in Suzhou Industrial Park.And has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
Currently R&D and design department has been established in Suzhou,China.And Haiermei Production Base:Suqian Xiangtailong Textile Technology Co.,Ltd.covers an area of 20,000 square meters.Our enterprise has strong comprehensive strength:we have more than 300 employees,among them,have 40 technical management.

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  • Tips for not shed wool on woolen sweaters

    1. The trick for wool sweaters not to shed hair: Dissolve a tablespoon of starch in half a basin of cold water, soak the woolen sweater and take it out without twisting it, drain it and place it in water with a small amount of washing powder, soak it for 5 minutes. net. 2. A thin layer of scale w...

  • Tips to reduce static electricity in sweaters

    When putting on and taking off the sweater, making physical contact with others, or accidentally touching metal objects, it is often suddenly released. You may even see electric sparks in the air. Not only your hands will be injured, but also frequent static electricity ...

  • The difference between a sweater and a sweater

    Conceptually the sweater is a kind of knitted sweater. Knitwear is a broader concept. Knitwear can be divided into cotton knitwear and wool knitwear, and sweaters belong to wool knitwear. The knitted sweaters we often refer to generally refer to woven fabrics woven by kn...

  • Cardigan Organization Classification.

    -Flat stitch Also known as weft-level organization, single-sided organization. Knitting needle arrangement: knitting jersey with full needles on a single needle bed. The fabric has large transverse extensibility and curling properties, and it is easy to fall apart after ...