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Suzhou Industrial Park Haiermei knitting apparel Co., Ltd. is a professional textile and garment production and export enterprises.It was found in 1999;located in Suzhou Industrial Park.And has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
Currently R&D and design department has been established in Suzhou,China.And Haiermei Production Base:Suqian Xiangtailong Textile Technology Co.,Ltd.covers an area of 20,000 square meters.Our enterprise has strong comprehensive strength:we have more than 300 employees,among them,have 40 technical management.

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  • How to clean knitted sweaters

    1. The sweater manufacturer believes that the knitted clothes should be dusted off and soaked in cold water for 10-20 minutes before washing. After taking it out, squeeze out the water, put it in a washing powder solution or soap flake solution and gently scrub, and then...

  • Precautions for cleaning knitted sweaters

    1. Sweater manufacturers know that knitted sweaters are easy to deform, so you can't pull it vigorously to avoid the shape of the clothes and affect your wearing taste. 2. After washing, the knitted sweater should be dried in the shade, hang in a ventilated and dry place...

  • Knitting and woven

    Sweater manufacturers know that the most obvious difference between woven and knitting is: woven is made by interweaving warp and weft, so there are two directions of warp and weft. But knitting is made up of a loop that is continuously tacked, so it has a certain degree...

  • Common knitted fabrics

    1. Acetate fiber (Acetel) knitted fabric Sweater manufacturers acetate fiber has unique properties like silk, fiber luster and bright color, excellent drape and feel. The knitted fabric produced by it has smooth hand feeling, comfortable wearing, moisture absorption and ...